Book us for your next event! All you need is an open space where you can pump up the volume and live an incredible experience.

  • Outdoor fitness events

    Kick off your outdoor fitness event with a great welcoming warm up given by our energetic instructors!

  • Wellness seminar

    Book us for a wellness seminar. Topics include physical activity and nutrition! Given by our certified kinesiologist and Bamboofit founder Laura Barreto. All participants receive a copy of the Canadian Food Guide and Physical Activity Guide.

  • Fundraising / Zumbathon

    Whether you are a non-for-profit organization, association, club or individual hosting an event for a social or environmental cause, you may benefit from a FREE Zumba class or 5 FREE Bamboofit gift cards to be used in your event as raffles.

  • Performance

    Learn a choreography for your wedding, party or special event.